Monday, 18 March 2013

Best Easter Party Ideas!

As Easter is approaching  m totally nervous and excited of course. Wondering why nervous well as few days back i was approached by an NGO for organizing a  big Easter event. Its a big order for a small company like mine. In my head all the plan is ready , but getting these ideas to life is a task. After a lot of market searching and window shopping  we  finally managed to get exactly  what i had in my mind.. Since its a large scale event therefore the decoration also has to be grand.


Egg Decorations

The main highlight of this event is the egg hunting. Many eggs need to be decorated for the hunt and to reduce the work and make it easy i got many egg decoration kits( turns out to be very helpful).

Glitter_Egg_Decoration_KitEgg Decoration Kit

Lawn Decorations

A cute bunny for welcoming the guests and spreading the feel of Easter. These are very convenient and look extremely attractive.


Having a large streamer hanging in the entrance just completes the look of the decorations.


A simple, attractive and yet not over the top decorations is what we plan to do and for that swirlhangings, bunny cutouts and Balloons have already been shopped and would be scattered all over the place.




After all the fun activities , the NGO also plans to have a lunch feast. For the lunch layout we have got many tableware and props

Every table placed in the garden would have a centerpiece.


The food would be lay out on a large table for which we got this nice easter egg printed table cover.


When everything is being done on such a grand scale then why to keep the tableware same boring and plane. For the table ware these party pack are one of the best choice as you get everything that you need and that to on a particular theme.

For a nice ending to this event we thought of distributing some gifts not only to the winners of egg hunt but also every kid that participated .
these Easter kits have been finalized for the winners of the egg hunt.


And as a nice token of participation easter eggs filled with candies would be distributed.


I hope these Ideas would help you too this Easter.

Happy Easter Readers!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cheer’s to the Irish Spirit: St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Who said you have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I remember going to Ireland with my parents as a Kid and seeing St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The 5-day long extravaganza was a colorful event of concerts, fireworks, theater performance and many more events. Recalling that trip to Ireland this year I decided to host a special St. Patrick’s Day Parade Party in my courtyard. It’s time to go green and get in true warm Irish Spirit!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies & Decorations:

Green-Green-Green! Everything is green on St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to be in the true Irish Spirit, Green is the color for you. Turn your house to mini Ireland with Green Party Supplies & Decorations to be lifted by the Lucky Irish Spirit. 


If you are hosting this Party in your backyard, then this Pennant Banner will help you create the true Irish Carnival atmosphere. Hang them up criss-crossing each other and creating the Carnival ambiance. Buy many of them to create a pennant roof!

St. Patrick’s Day Window Clings:


Paste them on your Kitchen Counters, on your walls and spread the St. Patty’s spirit all around or should I say spread the Luck in every part of your house with these Window Clings.

St. Patrick’s Day Roof Hangings:


Liven up your St. Patrick’s Day Venue with these Roof hangings and create a fuller look to your decorations. Hang these Shamrock Roof Hangings and let good luck be showered on them always. If you want a clear and not so full look go for Shamrock Whirls and If you want a full look for your roof go for Swirl Hanging Decorations.

Let your neighbors’ know that you are going Irish for a day by hosting this St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Flag on your main and also indicating your guests that you are in true Irish Spirit.


Take your Irish theme for St. Patrick’s Day to next level with this Top Hat Foil Balloon. Use lot of Balloons to make it enjoyable for Kids. 

Give your guests a warm welcome to your party with this Door Cover on your Main Door. 3 delightful little leprechauns are playing around a pot of gold coins at the end of the rainbow. Plastic Door Cover is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and measures approximately 30" wide x 5' high.


For the conscious one who don’t want to go for Door cover can go in for this Shamrock Wreath welcoming their guests. 


How can let your table be left out of Irish Feel? These St. Patrick’s Theme Tableware will add a bit of Irish wee to your decorations. And let your guests enjoy the delicious Irish Food in these amazing St. patty’s Tableware. 

Get your party rolling in complete Irish Spirt!